Dormify Brand Ambassador Program

Join the Dormifam!

Dormify's Brand Ambassador Program was designed for you—our biggest fan. If you love design, community building, and social media (and amazing perks, obv), you'll love being in the Dormifam. As an ambassador, you'll share your Dormify love online and IRL while building real-world skills, joining an engaged community of go-getters, and earning exciting prizes.


Rep Dormify + Earn Dormify Dollars

Get an exclusive discount to share with your community. Plus, earn Dormify Dollars every time your code is used.

Get Real-World Experience

Grow your network, gain valuable experience and develop resume-building skills, all while building your creative portfolio and personal brand.

Create + Share Amazing Content

Spread the Dormify love and introduce your network to the brand via original social content, fun on-campus events and more.

The Dormifam Perks

Dormifam Ambassador Testimonials

Ryan Weitz,
University of Maryland

“I am truly grateful for the Dormify community that has been there for me for everything, whether that is making my room feel like home to a place where I can text anything and I can always have people support me. Being a part of the Dormifam has given me a backbone of a new family I never thought I needed. Being surrounded by people that are similar to me has made my confidence and comfort in college skyrocket. Everyone in the Dormifam brings something new to the table, which encourages and inspires everyone to be their best self and learn more about themselves and each other every day. There will always be a part of my heart held to Dormify, and I am excited to keep growing and learning from this amazing community!”

Dani Pyne,
University of Rhode Island

“If you are looking to grow as a person, content creator and college student by taking part in an incredible experience—the Dormify Ambassador Program is for you! Being a part of the Dormifam has been one of the biggest highlights for me as a college student, and I have learned so much along the way. By creating content for such a huge brand, making besties through the program, participating in exclusive calls with world-renowned entrepreneurs, traveling to NYC to the Dormify HQ, and so much more, the memories I have made in this program are unforgettable! Joining and giving 100% effort to this program is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I can’t wait to continue this journey and see what the future holds as a Dormify ambassador!”