Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hang prints on the wall?

It’s super easy to hang wall prints for your bedroom. We recommend using command strips especially if you’re using wall prints for your dorm. The application is easy and when you eventually take them down or change them our for fresh wall decor they will not leave any marks on the wall.

Are your wall prints framed?

Our wall prints do not come in frames, however, we do sell poster frames in a variety of sizes and colors to use with your prints. In our wall art section we do sell framed artwork if that is what you are interested in! Wall prints are great for collaging and framed wall art is great as a statement piece for your wall.

How should I arrange my prints on the wall?

Anyway you want! You can do a full on collage and layer prints on top of each other to cover your whole wall and add neon lights or wooden signs. You can also choose to focus on a few statement wall decor prints and lay them out horizontally or vertically on your wall.

How many prints do I need for my wall?

There is no right number of wall prints to hang on your wall. If you intend to cover an entire portion of your wall you should go ahead and take measurements and ensure that the sizes and the amount of wall decor prints that you are purchasing will cover that area.