Frequently Asked Questions

What is a throw blanket?

A throw blanket is a decorative blanket that is much smaller and thinner than a duvet or comforter. Throw blankets are used to add additional style, color and texture to your bed look. From white throw blankets, to pink throw blankets to boho throw blankets, the opportunities are endless to find the throw that best matches your style.

How do you wash a throw blanket?

Follow the care instructions that come with the throw blanket that you purchase. These instructions will differ based on the fabric. For example: faux fur throw blanket, fleece throw blankets & knit throw blankets will all have different care instructions.

How do you put a throw blanket on a bed?

At dormify, we fold our throw blanket so it is in a nice rectangular shape and then we truly just throw it onto the bed so that it has a relaxed look. Put your throw blanket on the way that looks best to you!

What kind of throw blanket should I get?

When choosing a throw blanket you should consider the color first. If you have a colorful comforter you may want to choose a neutral throw blanket like grey or white. If you have a neutral comforter you may want to go with a bold color like a pink throw blanket or a green throw blanket. Finally, pick the fabric that you prefer. (We LOVE super soft ones like sherpa, chenille or knit throw blankets.)