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We simplify the dorm shopping experience by designing bedroom decor that is perfect for small spaces.

Sleep Tight

You will spend the most of your time at college in your bed studying, relaxing, sleeping, and hanging with friends. It’s also the focal point of your room! Take your time to design the perfect bed with that in mind. Start with soft bedding and bed sheets. Then, add decorative pillows and throw blankets to show off your personal style. Lucky for you we’ve pre-styled 80+ of our cutest and coziest bedding looks.


Charging Accessories

Your dorm may not come with outlets in the most convenient places. It might not even have enough outlets for everything you need to charge. That’s why we have incorporated outlets and usb ports into pieces like charging nightstands, charging headboards, and charging lamps. So you can stay powered in every corner of your dorm.


Smart Storage

A well organized dorm should have a place for everything: shoes, clothes, school supplies, makeup, jewelry, etc. Our multifunctional storage products can help you make the most of your small space.


Lighten Up

Dorm lighting is often harsh and unflattering. We recommend bringing some lighting enhancements with you to college...things like a floor lamp, string lights, a desk lamp, neon light signs, etc. to make your dorm lighter, brighter and livelier.


Walls that WOW

When you first move in, your dorm walls are often old, scuffed and dirty. Treat them as a blank canvas to cover in wall prints, pictures, wall decals, and peel & stick removable wallpaper. Design walls that look like you and feel like home.


Small Changes, Major Upgrades

It’s the little things that end up making a massive impact on your room. You’ll want a mattress pad to make your bed comfier and a mattress protector to keep it clean from allergens, dust mites and bacteria (gross!). Don’t forget about bath accessories too like a fresh bath towel set and shower tote with tons of pockets. Add these finishing touches and make your dorm livable for the long term.


Your Roomie and You

You might not know where to start when designing your shared space with your roomie. Pick a color scheme that you both like. Go halfsies on an area rug or a 6 drawer storage unit. Work together as a team and your room will show it. And if you want some personalized advice, schedule one of our FREE facetime styling appointments. We’ll help you and your roomie design a dorm that fits both of your styles.