Hi, we're Dormify.

Your personal dorm stylists and small space experts.

Hi, we're Dormify.

Your personal dorm stylists and small space experts.

Getting ready for college? We got you.


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Design your bed from scratch.

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Products specifically

designed for dorm living

Our bestselling charging headboard

Charges your phone while you recharge.

The cutest way to hang your pics

Create your own personal photo gallery without the fuss. Our Hangit Photo Display hangs easily with adhesive strips!

Your space saving soulmate

A triple threat: ottoman + chair + shoe storage inside.


Everything you need

in one place

Everything you need to organize your closet

Includes an under-the-bed storage bag, a hanging organizer for jeans and sweaters, an over-the-door shoe holder, and a laundry bag.

Stay so fresh and so clean

Our super soft, quick drying Essential Towel Set is available in 4 colors to match the rest of your room.

Cover up that dorm mattress

Sleep peacefully knowing your mattress is protected.

Sleep on a cloud

Our Memory Foam Mattress Topper makes your bed next level, eliminates odors, regulates temperature, and absorbs excess moisture. Plus, it’s allergy free.

Charge and study all in one

Lighten up your dull dorm room while charging your phone or other electronics.

Mood lighting you need

Perfect for hanging around the perimeter of your room, on your bed frame, or around your desk.