Buy Now, Ship Later

Going to school far away from home? Not enough space in your car? Order today and let us pack it, hold it, and ship it to the address of your choice on the ship date that you select at checkout.


How it works

1. Look for products with "Ship to Your School"

ship to your school

mobile ship to your school


2. Select Buy Now, Ship Later before checking out

select buy now ship later


3. Enter the date you want us to ship your stuff!

select your ship date

mobile select your date


When will my stuff ship?

Keep in mind that you are selecting the date when your order will SHIP, not the date that it will be delivered. You should factor in additional delivery time for your order which can be found on our Shipping Policies page. Due to variability in shipping time, we cannot GUARANTEE exact delivery dates. Ship dates are not available on weekends and holidays.


Why is my date not available?

On the date selection calendar, you might see that some dates are unavailable as ship date options. The reason for that is because our warehouse does not ship packages on Saturdays or Sundays so they won't be around to put your package in the mail on those days. In other cases, the unavailable dates are holidays where our warehouse is closed. 


Where will my stuff ship?

To take advantage of Buy Now, Ship Later, we need to know your shipping address and ship date. If shipping to your school, please check with them for their pre-semester delivery guidelines.


What is eligible for Buy Now, Ship Later?

When viewing items in your cart, you will see items marked “Buy Now, Ship Later.” These are eligible to be shipped to you at a date in the future. If you see an item in your cart marked “Not Eligible For Buy Now, Ship Later,” it is made to order and cannot be included in an order shipped at a future date. The best thing to do is click the heart and wishlist the item to save it for a future purchase! To access order hold, you’ll have to removed those items marked “Not Eligible For Buy Now, Ship Later” from your cart, then proceed to select your date.


What if I need to return my items?

You can return your items once you receive your package