How to Move Into College Like a Boss
Dormify Team

How to Move In Like a Boss

If the mountain of clothes in your closet is giving Mount Everest vibes—and you’re starting to wonder, “how do I plan college move-in?”—well, we’re here to help. Our top college move-in tips will help you make the move with ease and organization. Read on for our top three suggestions (and don’t miss our college move-in timeline series for all the nitty-gritty details to help plan your summer!).

1. Don't bring a ton of suitcases.
Answer honestly: How many suitcases do you need while in college? Most people only need one. Packing your stuff in lots of suitcases just results in having to store those bulky large bags later.

Packing Suitcase for College Move In

Ready for a better solution? Instead of suitcases, buy zip-top plastic storage bags in the biggest sizes available, like XL and XXL. (You can find these at almost any big-box store, or online.) Fold the items for your drawers and place in a bag, taking care to pack items that’ll be in the same drawer together. The bags are super easy to move around and flexible enough to adjust to the shape of the car. When you get to college, just take the stuff out (it’s already folded!) and place in drawers. The XXL bags are also great for transporting pillows, comforters, and blankets or throws.

2. Use garment bags.
Folding or rolling your clothing might mean all your freshly cleaned stuff winds up wrinkled by move-in time. Better way: Buy garment bags (or you can even use large trash bags in a pinch). Place hanging items in the bags. Once you’ve loaded the car with all your other stuff, place garment bags on top. When you get to school, take garment bags out and hang in the closet. Voila!

Garment Bags

3. All your storage should be multi-functional. 
You may know what to do with your clothing and larger items—but what about all the little pieces, like accessories and makeup? There are a few different options for keeping all the smaller bits together.

Try storage carts with drawers that you’ll keep in your closet or dorm room when you get to school. Sort your stuff by similar items, such as putting all socks in one drawer, and accessories like belts, sunglasses, and jewelry in the other. Bonus: No unpacking when you get to college! Everything stays in its place. 

You can also use large clear bins, combined with the zippered plastic bags. Once you get to your dorm, you can take your bagged toiletries and makeup out and use the bins to store towels and sheets.

Under the Bed Storage from Dormify

 For handbags and shoes, try packing into storage boxes that will fit under your bed when you arrive. Keep them in dust bags if you have them. You can also put a sticky note on them so you know what’s in each box!