Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best types of bath towels to get?

Our Supreme Towels are the best bath towels to get for your first year at college (or really just ever). They are plush, benzoyl peroxide resistant, and also come with loops for easy hanging on any hook. Multi-functional, long-lasting towels are the best to purchase so we would recommend our Supreme 6-Piece Towel Set.

How many bath towels do I need?

Get a 6-Piece bath towel set! 2 full size towels, 2 hand towels & 2 washcloths.

How often should you replace bath towels?

We recommend replacing your towels each year.

Where do you hang bath towels in college?

The best thing to do is to hang a command hook on the back of your door to keep your towels on. It’s important to keep towels hung up especially when they are wet post-shower, if you fold them up and leave them to dry they are more likely to attract bacteria and develop mildew.