2 Weeks Before College Move In Guide
Dormify Team

Freshman Planning Guide: 2 Weeks Before Move In

It’s officially less than a month til the big move! Main thought these days: What should I do two weeks before moving into college?! Dormify is here to help. Check out our guide on what you should be focusing on for the next few weeks:

  • Register for classes. So, how do you plan your college semester? You may have already registered for classes during summer orientation, but if not, you’ll probably start registering now. See if your school’s website has a college semester planner that can help guide you. Make sure you know about any required courses, like English or math. Once you cover your requirements, sign up for the classes that really interest you. If you have any questions, reach out to your academic advisor or consult your class Facebook page for tips and suggestions.
  • Get to know your new home. Look into what’s available around your college campus, especially if you’re going to a school in a small town. Map out nearby grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, clothing stores, pharmacies, and other stores or places that you might need. Make a plan for when you can explore your new town!
  • Get a checkup. Many schools require their students to have certain immunizations and updated physicals, so make an appointment with your doctor for a checkup before going to school. Find the forms that you need and give them to your doctor to fill out and send in to your school. If you have any prescriptions, make sure they are renewed and sent to a pharmacy near campus.
  • Research Greek life on campus. If you want to join a sorority or are curious about Greek life, check out what fall rush is like on your campus. Register for fall recruitment, if it’s offered, and pack all of the outfits you’ll need for rush week.
  • Book it. Now that you’ve registered for classes, get your textbooks. Check out sites like Amazon, BookHolders, eBay, and Chegg as an affordable way to buy or rent textbooks, or consider a Pearson+ subscription for eTextbooks. Buy books for all the classes that you’ll definitely be taking, but hold off on buying them for any classes that you’re not 100 percent sure about.
  • Get packing. A word to the wise: Do not wait to pack up everything until the last few days before school starts. Start organizing everything now to save yourself some time and unnecessary stress. 

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