8 Weeks Before College Move In Guide
Dormify Team

Freshman Planning Guide: 8 Weeks Before Move In

It’s official: High school is now behind you. You’ve probably tossed your class notes, lost your yearbook under a mountain of clothes, and forgotten where you even stashed your cap and gown after graduation. A great summer is ahead—and just on the other side of summer? Freshman year! 

Right now, you may be wondering: What should I do 8 weeks before I move? College move-in day will be here before you even know it, and the sooner you start prepping, the easier it’ll be (and the less likely you are to forget something important!). Our roadmap for the next two months will help you spread out your planning tasks over the summer, which will help ease any stress that comes with a big move—and let you focus on what’s really important, like saying your goodbyes and getting excited for the next four years!

So, two months ahead of your college move-in day, here’s what you should be checking off your to-do list: 

  • Start thinking about what to include on your packing list (and what to skip). Take a look at your college’s website to see which dorm essentials they recommend you bring, and compare with Dormify’s ultimate dorm room checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything. You should also look to see what your college says you can’t bring to your dorm room. Many colleges don’t allow students to have items like candles, microwaves, and toasters in dorm rooms, but every school is different. Make sure you know what’s not allowed before you pack up. It’s better to know now than to learn the hard way during a room check.
  • Make classmate connections. Join your college class year’s group on Facebook or check out other digital platforms like FuzeMee to start getting to know who you’ll be going to school with. Ask questions, find out about upcoming events on campus, see suggestions from other students about the school year or move-in day, and get ready for the year ahead!
  • Learn how to do your laundry. Schedule a session with your parents or a friend, or watch a YouTube video to learn how to do your own laundry. Cheat sheets can be super helpful. Laundry pro tip: Watch out for the solo piece of red clothing that’s hiding in the big pile of white clothes. (Unless you like everything pink, that is.)
  • To drive, or not? Think about whether you’ll bring a car. Some schools don’t let freshmen have cars on campus, and in many college towns, you don’t even need one to get around.  Head to your school’s website to see what it says. If you decide to bring your car, make sure you fill out any paperwork needed for parking permits, and do it before the deadline!
  • Pick a roommate (or don’t). If you know someone who’ll be attending your school, consider carefully whether you really want to live with them. (Do you want to see them that much?) If you don’t know anyone—or anyone you’d want to live with, at least—at your college, go random with your room assignment. Your new roomie may become one of your best friends. 
  • Register for orientation. If your school requires you to, make sure you sign up for orientation day. It may be done in different sessions over the summer, or during the first week of school. Either way, make sure you’re there. 
  • Pick a meal plan. Going to college might mean the end of home cooking, but you still have to eat. Check out your college’s website to see what meal plans are available. Discuss with your parents which one you think will be best for you. 
  • Gather inspo for your dream dorm room. Dormify has lots of ideas! Search Pinterest for ideas of colors, decor, and DIY projects to try. If you already know who your roommate will be, include them in the search, too. It’s a good way for you to get to know each other and coordinate on a vibe, even if you live far apart.

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