4 Weeks Before College Move In Guide
Dormify Team

Freshman Planning Guide: 4 Weeks Before Move In

Summer is flying by! And college is just a month and a half away. You’re probably excited and nervous … and you might have some questions. Wondering how much should you spend on dorm shopping? Or are you thinking, "When should I start buying things for college?" No matter how big or small your questions might be, we got you. Because we've been there, done that, we've put together the ultimate college move-in guide (think of it like summer reading you'll actually want to do). Keep reading to see what you should be focusing on for the next couple weeks, from budget to-dos to creating your college shopping lists.

  • Set a budget. Sit down with your parents or go-to trusted adults to have an honest discussion about your finances. This includes talking about financial aid, work study programs, and weekly budgets, and whether you'll need to get a side job, on- or off-campus. If you decide you need or want a job, start applying soon before the ones you like most are gone. Discuss what your budget for dorm shopping will be so you know what you can spend.
  • Coordinate your college dorm shopping list with your roomie. By now you probably know who your roommate will be. Get in touch with them and start getting to know each other. You can also decide what you need to buy, what items you can share, and who will bring what—our ultimate checklist is a great place to start your discussion! Once you have a plan, you can make a college shopping list for shared and personal items. Need more help?Check out our bed visualizer or book a FREE virtual appointment to design your dorm room with one of our stylists!
  • Apply for a credit or debit card. Before taking off for college, make sure you set up a debit or credit card so you’ll be able to pay for what you need while on your own. Download the mobile app for your bank so you can easily access your account. Discuss with your parents if your credit card is “for emergencies only” (and what exactly counts as an “emergency”).
  • Map out your fall plan. Start researching upcoming campus happenings, like sporting events, sorority recruitment, and any other events you want to attend. Write them down in a planner or add them to your phone's calendar so you don’t miss anything.

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