desk storage ideas for college dorm
Dormify Team

Dorm Room Hacks: How to Upgrade Your Desk Storage

When your dorm room only counts a few items as furniture—that’d be a bed, dresser, and desk—making each one pull its weight in usefulness is crucial. You only have a teensy space—you gotta make each one work! And one of the top ways to increase your storage? Creating organization zones to max out your desk storage. 

So, if you’re over there googling ‘What should I use to organize my desk?’—keep reading. From cute desk organizers to under-desk storage, we have all the desk storage ideas.

Work the Wall

Why make your desk do all the work? Adding a bulletin board or wall organizer to the wall space behind your desk is such an easy way to increase your storage and organization. Try an organizer with combinations of corkboard for sticking up photos and important reminders; chalk and whiteboards to jotting to-do lists; and hooks and buckets where you can stash pens, pushpins and other necessities.

Add a Hutch

Ok, here’s the biggie: If you really want to get the most out of your desk storage, add a hutch. A hutch is like an extra shelf system that can double your storage space—without taking up any valuable floor space. Hutches are designed as furniture to look like they fit naturally with your desk, and they give you lots of shelf space to store books or whatever you need to stash. You can also fit storage bins or cubes into the shelves to easily corral smaller things.

If you love the storage potential of a hutch but aren’t into the style, try a smaller desk storage shelf. You can hang shelves on the wall above your desk (if you’re allowed to drill into your walls) or you can get a shelf like this one that sits on your desk surface and gives you shelf space without being as bulky as a hutch. The more petite size allows it to fit in small spaces while still offering lots of storage room.

Rethink Your Drawers

If you’re happy just shoving all your stuff in your drawers without a care in the world—well, you do you, boo. But if you want a more organized way to get your desk set up, try getting drawer insert sets to help corral your pens, clips, accessories, and papers. It’ll keep everything nice and tidy in your drawers so you won’t have to scramble to find a paper clip when you need it.

Roll With It

We’ve already gone over how you can add tons of shelf storage with hutches and shelving units, but if you have a little extra floor space, you can also add easy storage with a rolling tiered cart. It’s easy to move around, and the three levels of storage space means it fits a lot. Outfit it with little bins and modular boxes to maximize your organization. This cart is great for art or office supplies—and it’s versatile enough to be used in so many ways post-dorm (think toiletries, accessories, and more!).

Organizers on Top

Yes, your desk has drawers for stashing paper, pen and more—but if you’re wondering, how do I add storage to my desk?, we gotcha. The answer: Increase your storage capabilities on top of your desk. Some genius solutions: desktop catchalls, a desk lamp with built-in storage spots, or even a super cute tray to corral papers and knickknacks.

Consider Your Chair

Got it all and still need room to store things? Hang a handy pocket organizer that fits right on the back of your chair! It’ll store your stuff with easy access, and it’s totally out of the way.

Ready to get started? Head to our desk collection to shop all the organizers, shelves, and baskets to create your dream desk.