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The Original Scrub Daddy

Color: Yellow

Scrub Daddy is an innovative household scrubbing tool. His exclusive FlexTexture® foam changes texture based on water temperature to provide appropriate scrubbing power: firm in cold water for tough scouring and scrubbing and soft in warm water for light cleaning. He works so well with water alone many times you can skip using a chemical detergent. Unlike traditional sponges, Scrub Daddy with his smiley face design resists stains, mold, and odors while never scratching your surfaces. And if you thought the smiley face was just for looks, think again! His eyes hold onto your fingers for a 360 degree reach (great for tall glasses) and his mouth cleans both sides of your utensils at the same time. Plus, Scrub Daddy rinses clean after use and is top rack dishwasher safe! Use him in the kitchen and beyond.

Material: Flextexture Dimensions: 1.6" D x 4.1" W x 6" H
Rinses free of debris, resists odors, and cleans well with water alone. Top rack dishwasher safe.
This product ships within 1-2 Business Days. Return Policy: This item is made to order, final sale, and non-returnable.
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