Wall Decal Application Difficulty Levels

Each of our Wall Decals has been assigned a difficulty level. You can find the following difficulty levels in the product description of the decal:

A breeze—it’ll be up in no time.

Pretty simple—unless you were out late last night.

Some brainpower necessary—and maybe some caffeine.

Slightly tricky—may need to call in for back up...and a step stool.

Challenging - might want to recruit a few friends (or a perfectionist) to help.

How to Stick It



Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s a wall decal?

Wall decals are one of the hottest trends in interior design. Their high-quality, matte, self-adhesive vinyl film adheres perfectly and can be easily removed without any residue, no matter how long it’s been up. Unlike regular stickers, wall decals adhere to almost all smooth and clean surfaces like glass, plastered walls, wood, tiles and even wallpaper.

Where can I stick wall decals?

Almost anywhere! Our wall decals stick to all smooth surfaces, including wood, tiles, glass and metal. Just remember that the surface should be clean and free of all dust and silicone. If you want to stick the decal on a wall with a protective coating, like an anti-graffiti finish, we recommend testing it first.  Check out our video to help you stick your wall decal in six easy steps!

Where can wall decals not be applied?

Our wall decals can be applied to almost any dry, clean and smooth surface. Don’t use them on wet, cold walls or rough plaster, since they can’t adhere properly and might loosen. If you’d like to use them on those surfaces, we recommend testing them first. Freshly painted walls should be allowed to dry for 2-3 weeks before adhering your wall decal.

How do I remove the decal from the wall?

Removing the decal is super simple. Just use a sharp knife or pliers and remove it carefully. If difficulties arise on glass, tiles or smooth surfaces, simply heat up the film using a blow dryer at its lowest setting. If your wall is exposed to direct sunlight, the light may fade your wall paint over time (we’re talking several years, here). The area covered by the decal will not fade. When you remove the decal after a long period of time a shadow of the decal may remain. 

Is there the possibility of damage during removal?

In very, very rare instances small pieces of paint may be removed from the wall. On unpainted wallpapers, you should probably test your wall decal in an inconspicuous area before affixing.

Is it possible to adhere the film more than once?

As long as the application tape has not been removed, you can easily change the position of the decal. After removal, it becomes much harder to reposition individual pieces of your decal without impacting the adhesion.