Refer-A-Friend Terms

As a Refer-a-Friend member (“Referrer”), you are subject to Dormify’s Terms as well as the following terms for our Refer-a-Friend program (the “Program”). Participation in the Program requires you to submit your email address and that of another individual (“Friend”). All personal information is collected, processed, and used will be done in accordance with our Privacy Policy.



 To participate in the Program, click on the "Give 15, Get 15" link on our site or visit and follow the instructions to refer as many friends, family members, or colleagues as you want to the Program!


For every “Qualified Referral” (as defined below) you submit to us, you may be eligible to receive Referral Credit(s) (defined below).



 Eligibility to the Program is limited to individuals only, including both new and existing customers. The Program may NOT be used by businesses for affiliate lead generation, which will be determined by Dormify in our sole discretion.




 A “Qualified Referral” requires that all of the following conditions are met:


  • Your Friend must complete a purchase of $75 USD or more (excluding all fees including but not limited to taxes, shipping, and/or other 3rd party fees) at our online store, located at, by clicking on your unique Program link located in the email sent to your Friend (a “Qualified Purchase”). (If your Friend makes a purchase on our website through any other method, this will NOT count as a Qualified Referral and you will not earn any store credit.) Purchase of a gift certificate is NOT a qualifying purchase.
  • Your Friend must complete their Qualified Purchase within thirty (30) days of receiving the Program email.
  • Your Friend does not return the Qualified Purchase.

Your Friend must be a new customer – i.e. they have not previously purchased from our online store, nor do they have an account or registration with us under any email address or alias. This will be determined in Dormify’s sole discretion.You may only receive one (1) Qualified Referral per Friend; in other words, you are only eligible for one (1) Referral Credit per Friend, and so additional/repeat purchases made by your Friend do not qualify you for additional Referral Credit(s).



 For each Qualified Purchase, your Friend will receive their Referral Credit discount online at the time of purchase. Subsequently, for each verified Qualified Referral, you will be emailed a notification that you have one (1) Referral Credit valid for future purchases at our online store. Referral Credit(s) will appear in your online account with us thirty (30) days after your Friend makes a Qualified Purchase. Some important things about your Referral Credit(s):


  • Referral Credits may not be used toward the purchase of a gift certificate or combined with any other promotional codes or offers.
  • Referral Credits are non-transferable and may not be sold, assigned, or given to anyone else, and may not be redeemed for cash.
  • Referral Credits are valid for one-time use only and are non-refundable – for instance, if you use a Referral Credit to purchase an item from our store and you later return that item, the amount of the Referral Credit used by you to pay for the item will be deducted from the total amount of your refund.
  • Referral Credit(s) do not expire.



 Please respect these Terms and our Program by only referring real individuals who meet our requirements. Dormify reserves the right to void any Referral Credits and take any action we deem reasonably necessary if we suspect any fraud on your part. For instance, having multiple accounts with alternate email addresses or identities is a violation of these Terms, and may result us taking action, including terminating your account with us and/or forfeiture of all Referral Credits in your account.




 By participating in this Program and referring a Friend, you are agreeing to receive our marketing emails to the email address you provide to us. If you wish to stop receiving these emails at any time, please opt out using the link at the bottom of the relevant email or by writing to


NO SPAM Any distribution of your referral link that could constitute unsolicited commercial email or "spam" under any applicable law or regulation, or any posting of this link on any website or social media or other forum is expressly prohibited and will be grounds for immediate termination of your account and exclusion from Dormify's Refer-a-Friend program.



 We reserve the right to modify or amend these Terms, the Program, or any part of such, at any time and for any reason. We may also deny participation to the Program if we have any reason to believe that you are not in compliance with these Terms or the Program.