How to Hang Your Headboard


The headboard provides versatility since it does not attach directly to the bed frame. This piece is lightweight and can easily be adhered to the wall with sturdy velcro strips included.


For Hanging Headboard Pillows (Cushioned Headboards):

1. To attach a Dormify Twin / Twin XL headboard, start by propping the headboard on your bed frame with the back against the wall that you would like to secure it onto.
2. For cushioned headboards that do have hooks, attach 2 Command Hooks to the left and right side of the wall, and secure the headboard loops onto the hooks to lock it in place.


For Powered Headboards:

1. For powered headboards, place 2 velcro Command Strips on the left and right side of the headboard, and attach the alternate velcro pieces to the left and right side of the wall. Lock the headboard in place by securing the velcro command strips together.
2. Use the outlets and USB ports on top of the powered headboard to easily charge your devices.