How to Attach a Bedskirt


The Dormify Extra Long Dorm Bedskirt includes 2 pieces: one for the long side of your bed, and one for the short side (front) of your bed.

We recommend putting your bedskirt on first before you add the rest of your bedding.

1. Start by lifting your mattress and leaning it against the wall or placing it on the floor to expose your underlying bed frame.

2. Unfold the short side of the bedskirt and lay the platform fabric directly on your bed frame.

3. Once you’ve adjusted the bedskirt to your desired floor length, secure it by tying the bedskirt ties around the posts of the bed frame.

4. Unfold the long side of the bedskirt and repeat steps 2-3 for the side of your bed.

5. Make sure both the long side and short side of the bedskirt are securely fastened to the bed frame post.

6. Next, secure the middle ties of the bedskirt to the center portion of your bed frame to ensure the bedskirt does not shift.

7. Once all of the ties are secured, your bedskirt should cover the bed frame completely, and should barely touch the floor.

8. Move your mattress back into place to secure the bedskirt and you can start making your bed!