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Holly Thomas

Room Decor: What is the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic?

If you're looking for a cozy aesthetic room idea that feels like your favorite aspirational rom-com, look no further than the coastal grandmother decor trend. This popular room aesthetic borrows elements from both beachy and farmhouse styles, with an emphasis on comfort and natural materials. Here, we'll show you how to get the look in your college dorm or apartment. So cuddle up with a cozy, neutral throw and let's get started!

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The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic: What It Is and How to Get It

If you're looking for a chic, yet relaxed style, then the coastal grandmother aesthetic may be for you. This aesthetic is all about mixing traditional and modern elements to create a room vibe that's both stylish and comfortable. Here are some tips on how to nail the coastal grandmother look.

Start with the basics: a white or cream-colored base. If you're in a college dorm, this can be achieved by using a neutral-toned removable wallpaper; if you're in an apartment where you're allowed to paint the walls, go for it! From there, you can add in subtle pops of color with furniture, wall art, and accessories. Think about adding a statement piece, like a comfy oversized chair or a vintage-inspired rug. And don't forget about the details! Add in some beachy touches like straw baskets and natural wood shelves to really drive home the coastal feel.

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One of the best things about coastal grandmother style is that it's easily achievable no matter where you live. Whether you're near the ocean or not, this style can bring a bit of beach-babe charm to your space.

The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic + Nancy Meyers' Movies

The origins of the coastal grandmother aesthetic can be traced back to a series of highly memorable rom-coms from filmmaker Nancy Meyers. Known for a focus on female-centric stories, Meyers' films also have a distinctly coastal feel, thanks to her use of sunny California locations.

One of the first films to showcase the coastal grandmother aesthetic was Meyers' 2003 hit, "Something's Gotta Give." The film features Diane Keaton, but you could argue that the real star of the show is actually a beach house in the Hamptons owned by her character's ex-husband.

coastal grandmother aesthetic room from Something's Gotta Give

The film was a critical and commercial success, and it helped cement Meyers' reputation as a director who could tell relatable stories about women of a certain age. It also introduced audiences to the coastal grandmother aesthetic, which would become a signature element of Meyers' work and show up in subsequent movies, including "It's Complicated."

The coastal grandmother aesthetic has become incredibly popular, thanks in large part to Nancy Meyers and her relatable-yet-aspirational approach to set design. Her use of sunny California locations has helped create an instantly recognizable visual style.

How to Create a Coastal Grandmother Look in Your Space

If you're going for a coastal grandmother look in your dorm or college apartment, there are a few things you can do to make it happen. First, consider the colors you'll use. White, blue, and light green are all good choices for a coastal feel. You can also use beachy decor elements throughout your space—but that doesn't mean you have to decorate with seashells everywhere. Natural fibers, cozy textures and organic materials like wood, stone, ceramic and rattan can help you achieve the look without going full beach house.

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Another important element of the coastal grandmother look is furniture. Stick with pieces that are comfortable and inviting, like overstuffed sofas and chairs. Add in some homey touches, like fluffy quilts and knitted afghans to really make the space feel like cozy. And don't forget the plants! Potted palms or ferns are perfect for giving your space that beach-adjacent vibe.

Colors and Styles That Work with the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

There are a few key colors and styles that work well with the coastal grandmother aesthetic. First, light blue is a great color to use in this aesthetic. It represents the sky and the ocean—two elements that are very important to coastal grandmother style. White, cream and beige are also great colors to use. They represent the sand and the sun, two other key aspects of this aesthetic. Finally, green can work well within the color palette and call to mind the beach grasses that are found near the coast.

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In terms of style, the coastal grandmother aesthetic is all about simplicity. This means that ornate and detailed pieces don't typically vibe with this look. Instead, simple and clean lines are the way to go. This is true for both the furniture and the decor that is used in this aesthetic. Additionally, natural materials are essential—think wood, wicker and rattan.

How to Get Coastal Grandmother Decor on a Budget

There are tons of ways to snag some Coastal Grandmother decor on a budget. One way is to browse flea markets and garage sales. Another way to get coastal decor on a budget is to DIY some of the items. You might scoop some seashells from a thrift store or garage sale and create your own beach-ified lamp by gluing them to the base. Finally, another way to get Coastal Grandmother decor on a budget is to look for sales and clearance items at your fave home decor stores. You'll be able to find pieces to complete the look without spending a lot.

Recapping the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

The coastal grandmother aesthetic is a great way to add some personality to your dorm or small apartment. It's easy to find affordable coastal grandmother decor at Dormify. You can also DIY some of the elements to save even more!

Some of the key elements of the coastal grandmother aesthetic include simple, neutral colors and patterns, beachy or nautical-themed decor, and furniture with a distressed or shabby-chic look. To get started, just choose a few key pieces that you love and work them into your space.

One great thing about the coastal grandmother aesthetic is that it can be easily changed up as your taste evolves. So if you're ever in the mood for a new look, it's easy to switch things up. This makes it a great style for college students who like to refresh their aesthetic on a regular basis!