How to Mix and Match Throw Pillows from Dormify
Dormify Team

How to Mix and Match Throw Pillows Like a Pro

There’s nothing like a just-right throw pillow combination to elevate the entire look of your bed. But it’s not so easy to nail it on the first try. No worries! Here at Dormify, we’re pros at knowing how to style pillows on a bed (and how to mix and match pillows on a sofa, too!). From throw pillow color schemes to mix and match throw pillows, we can give you the tips to build the perfect, cozy setup. Keep reading to snag all our best throw pillow ideas for the Best Bed Ever.

  • Set your foundation. First things first: Use an oversized euro pillow to create that cozy headboard feel. We recommend using a neutral colored euro sham, or one that matches your bedding.
  • Add texture. After you’ve made a comfy base, add in one to two square pillows. To keep the finished style from looking too busy, try keeping one pillow neutral and one colored.
  • Pick a pattern. Next, it’s time to place a pillow with a design or pattern on the front that brings the whole look together. This is a great place to play with trendy designs.
  • Play with scale. Bring dimension to your space by playing with scale. Top off your arrangement with a small rectangular or unique shaped accent pillow to really make your bed pop. Playing with our Bed Visualizer is a great way to see how your favorite throw pillows will look together!

Now you’ve got the basics covered, we’ve made pillow styling easy with these no-fail throw pillow combinations.

Mix and Match Throw Pillows from Dormify

Noteworthy Neutrals

Grey has long been a go-to throw pillow color scheme for dorm room decor—and that’s in large part because it makes it so easy to mix and match. For a neutral combo with loads of style, try mixing textures like velvet, faux fur and knit with monochrome or subtle patterns. 

For a cool metallic twist, add in the Metallic Sweatshirt Star Pillow, and top it off with the Grey Initial Pillow for a personal touch.

Blissful Blues

If you want to make your room feel as peaceful as possible, go for a palette of blues, which create a zen, calming vibe. Shades of blue pair beautifully with grey and white tones, which help boost the tranquility. One of our favorite ways to use blue-hued accent pillows is to ground the combo with a grey oversized Euro Pillow. Next, add depth to your assortment by adding varying hues of blue in a mix of texture and detail. Try a light blue square pillow in a faux fur texture plus a patterned option in navy. Finish with a decorative look by adding a small shaped or accent pillow to create a cozy, layered look.

VSCO Preppy Throw Pillows

Posh Pinks

If your style is more on the sweet side, try combinations that work in elegant pink accents. We love layering crisp, white bedding with pink and gold accents. For this pillow combo, anchor your arrangement with a large pink Euro sham, then add texture with a Pink Mongolian Square Pillow and Square Gaga Double Nailhead Pillow in gold. Complete the look with a playful shaped accent pillow or a personalized initial pillow.

Playful Purples

Purple is an excellent accent if you like the feminine look but want something a little more subtle than pink. Try a pale purple sham as a foundation, then add texture with the lavender Faux Mongolian Square Pillow. Add an accent pillow that incorporates metallic silver and crisp white, then finish with a patterned pillow in lilac hues.   

Danish Pastel Throw Pillows

We bet your bed looks gorgeous now, right? For more inspo on pillow pairings we love, you can check out our curated aesthetic collections.