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Dormify Team

How to Create the Coziest Room EVER

Of all the aesthetic vibes out there, the cozy room aesthetic might be one of our favorites. Who doesn’t love being surrounded by only the softest textures and soothing hues? But here’s the thing: You don’t have to sacrifice a chic look to get a cozy dorm room. Pair plush accessories with tranquil, cozy room colors to create a stylish, snuggle-ready room that you’ll have to drag yourself away from each day. So if you’re wondering, “How do I make my dorm room cozy?” here are our top cozy room ideas for creating the comfiest room ever. Warning: You may never want to get out of bed.

Cozy Dorm Bed from Dormify

Soft Textures

Anything that adds softness and texture will make your room the ultimate cozy dorm room. A neutral knit fringed pillow or an oversized faux fur pillow will instantly give your space those soft-girl vibes.

Cozy Dorm Room with String Lights from Dormify

Cast a Warm Glow

Think string lights are just for the holidays? Think again! We love the glowy warmth and cozy ambience that string lights cast all year round. For a softer, diffused glow, try hanging your string lights behind a sheer curtain or tapestry. It doesn’t get any better than falling asleep beneath some twinkling lights!

Layered Faux Mongolian Fur Rugs from Dormify

Layer Rugs

When it comes to rugs, two is better than one! A rug will always make a room feel more homey—but two (or more!) doubles the cozy factor. Layer a few rugs of varying sizes and styles for a cozy-chic look.

Cozy Warm Bedding for College Dorms from Dormify

Invest in Warm Bedding

Ground rules of coziness: You can’t get cozy if you aren’t warm. A cozy dorm room starts with great bedding. Try a duvet, which allows you to switch out the insert for a heavier option that’ll give you a great night’s sleep. Is there anything better than sinking into a plush, comfy bed after a long day?!

Embrace the Undone 

Messy girls, this one’s for you. The perfect mess approach is totally welcome when you’re going for cozy—the key to nailing undone is making your room look lived in. Or if you’re more on the neat side, you can achieve the look by artfully layering rugs and mixing cozy textures. No one needs to know whether your undone mess is by design or just comes naturally!

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