Gallery Wall Prints for College Dorm
Dormify Team

Gallery Wall Arrangements We Love

When searching for college wall decor ideas, you’ll probably find lots of different styles to inspire a beautiful space. But here’s a secret: One of the best dorm wall decor ideas is to create a gallery wall full of art you love. 

Maximalist Wall Art Prints for College Dorm

So how do you build a gallery wall in a dorm room? And what should you not do in a gallery wall? Or what are the rules for a gallery wall? Arranging gallery wall art can seem like a daunting task—but with our gallery wall tips, you’ll be artfully laying out your prints in no time! Incorporate prints of different sizes and colors with ease by following these three simple gallery wall arrangements.

Gallery Wall Art Ideas for College Dorms

The Triptych

If your petite space means you’re in need of small gallery wall ideas, a coordinated trio is the right choice for a wall that feels designed but not overwhelming. For a set of three prints, choose a group of similar but not identical prints, such as prints that use the same lettering or font in different (but complementary) hues. Or try three takes on a common theme or by just one artist, like three boldly hued takes on retro travel posters.

Three Wall Art Prints for College Dorms

Looking for dorm room wall decor for guys? Follow the same guidelines of choosing similar hues or vibes. Try a combo that includes landscape and astronomy themes, like in this room inspo.

The Set of Five

Set of 5 Wall Art Prints for Dorms

If your wall has a bit more space, build a gallery wall with five prints that incorporate large and small, vertical and horizontal prints for a dynamic look. Try mixing styles (like watercolors with photos, or abstract with graphic word lettering) but stay within an aesthetic theme or a united color palette to keep things coordinated. For gallery wall ideas boho-style, try this already-combined pack of 5 prints by the artist Talitha McQueen.


    The Set of Seven

    Wall Art Print Collection for Dorms from Dormify

    If you have the space, using seven prints in your gallery wall allows you to create a major statement wall. The key to making sure a large group is cohesive? Sticking to different shades of one color helps, or going with a singular concept (like all coastal photos and prints) or using just prints from one artist. Follow our sizing guide to help make it work, or buy one of our pre-selected collage packs. This set from Australian artist Aley Wild brings bright colors and bold graphic designs to your wall, or get desert vibes with this curated selection.


    Want to make creating a gallery wall even simpler? Check out our gallery wall decal set or 5-piece frame collection for easy-peasy wall decorating. Head to our collection of art prints to explore different combos.