Neutral Color Paint Ideas for Bedrooms
Dormify Team

Expert-Approved Paint Hues For Your Bedroom

Choosing the right bedroom paint colors to match your vibe is crucial for creating a space that speaks to you. Whether you are searching for relaxing bedroom paint colors to transform your room into a calm, tranquil sleeping oasis or warm bedroom paint colors that can make your room feel like a comforting hug, we have all the bedroom paint color ideas to help you find the hue that’s perfect for you.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Paintzen, a revolutionary service that makes it quick and easy to get your apartment painted at a great price, to pick the paint color (all are from Benjamin Moore) to compliment some of our favorite Dormify rooms.

Malibu Mood

With lots of cheerful accent colors already present in the room, you won’t want to bring anything that could potentially clash. If you love blue bedroom paint colors (or grey), consider a deep blue-gray accent wall such as Benjamin Moore’s Deep Secret, which can serve as a gorgeous backdrop to your furniture or decor. Try it in a flat or matte finish for something very grounding. 

Want something a little more fun? Match a pale pink to your pillows, like Benjamin Moore’s Pleasing Pink, and paint the back of shelves or the inside of your closets for a surprise pop of color!

Go Navy 

Bright white comforters and gold decor practically scream for navy blue walls! A stylish go-to shade is Benjamin Moore’s Old Navy. Whether you go all out or opt for just an accent wall, a deep navy will provide beautiful contrast to the white furniture and help make metallic pieces pop.

Don’t feel like painting the full wall? Go two-tone! By painting the bottoms of the walls navy and leaving the top half white, the room will seem to expand upwards, making ceilings feel taller

Palm Desert

Neutrals are always great—but white walls aren’t the only way to do it. By painting walls a gray with warm undertones like Benjamin Moore Silver Fox or even a playful, feminine shade like Mauve Mist, you can stay within a neutral color palette without feeling like your room is boring.

Brooklyn Loft

If you’re going for a relaxed and casual vibe, let the color in your decor and furniture stand out by sticking to a clean, crisp white on your walls. Try a bright white, like Chantilly Lace, or something creamier, like White Chocolate, in either flat or eggshell finish to create the perfect backdrop for your space. Sometimes, less is more.

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