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Real Dorm Style: Keighla’s Stylish and Feminine Room

Meet Keighla! She’s a junior at St. John's University in New York. Check out Keighla’s sophisticated dorm room and read about what inspired her feminine bedroom decor. 

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Roomie Life

How did you meet your roommate?

My roommate Marissa and I met last semester while we were studying abroad—we were randomly assigned roommates and got super lucky! We were given the option to change roommates in each country we traveled to, but we became such good friends so we stuck together the whole time. Now we still live together back in New York!

How has living with your roommate been beneficial?

I’ve had different roommates every year up until now and I have made some amazing friends and memories in every situation. When you live with a roommate, you always have someone to study, hang out, and grab midnight pizza with!

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Dorm Life

Did you work together with your roommate to decorate your space?

Marissa and I definitely have different styles. I am more girly and she has more of a bohemian style. We made a collaborative Pinterest board so we could get a better idea of what we both liked for our room.

We decided to go neutral with grey and white, plus small pops of pink. That way I get my pink and she gets a more simple look!

Dorms can be so small! Any space saving tips you live by?

One of the best ways to maximize your space is to utilize multi-purpose decor. We have a rolling storage unit between our beds that acts as a nightstand and holds our extra things. My best advice is to move around your furniture when moving in. It’ll help you find a layout that gives you the most space.

Feminine Room Decor from Dormify

What’s your favorite part of your bedroom?

My favorite part of my bedroom has to be my bed! I love that it has a luxe vibe that makes me feel like I’m in a hotel and not in a dorm room. It’s super comfy and cute—the perfect combo! I spend a lot of time in it sleeping, watching Netflix, and even studying sometimes!

College Life

How did you decide to go to St. John’s University?

I decided to go to St. John’s after I visited the campus. I loved the location and its proximity to NYC but also the suburban feel of the neighborhood that it’s located in.

As a marketing major, I knew NYC would be a great place to go to college and have great internship and job opportunities. I love being a train ride away from endless opportunities, whether career-wise or just going out to eat or seeing a show!

What do you enjoy most about living on campus?

I love being close to everything I need. It’s really convenient to live on campus, especially if you are involved in athletics or extracurriculars! Freshman year, I was a cheerleader, and I needed to be on campus 24/7. It saved me a long commute and gave me more time to study (or sleep!).

As a junior, my classes are more difficult, so it’s important to be around all the resources on campus. I know I can meet anyone to work on a group project, stop by the library to read a textbook, or go to the career office to get help with my resume.

Spill! What are your top three favorite things to do in NYC?

One of my favorite things to do in the city is explore. I’ve been living in NYC for three years and I still haven’t seen it all! I also love to eat- there are so many different restaurants and eateries in the city and I want to try them all, and meeting friends for dinner in the city is a great way to get together and try new things! One of my favorite spots in the city is Brooklyn. I love going to Brooklyn bridge park in the evening to watch the sunset and walk across the bridge as the city lights turn on!

What advice would you give to your freshman-year self?

I would tell myself that it’s really important to try new things! My first year in college, I didn’t get involved in anything except being on the cheerleading team. But since then I’ve joined the fashion club, got two internships, started a blog, and studied abroad!

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