Dorm Room Hacks: 4 Ways To Add Light to Your Space
Dormify Team

Dorm Room Hacks: 4 Ways To Add Light to Your Space

When it comes to lighting, let’s be real: Fluorescents just aren’t it. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to add dorm room lighting that is softer, gives better ambiance, just serves in a way that those overhead bulbs never could. So how do you light a dorm room? Our favorite dorm lighting ideas include string lights, dorm desk lamps, neons and so much more. Keep reading to get the scoop on all the best lights for dorm rooms!

Desk Lamps

A natural place to add lighting in your room: A dorm desk lamp. You’ll need it for studying, of course, but it’s also a great way to add a softer light and more ambience—and when your space is small, multi-functional items are key. Stylistically, there are so many directions you can go with a desk lamp, whether you like an elegant style, a cool vintage-inspired vibe, or a super-useful version with storage and charging capabilities.

Floor Lamps

If your room needs more lighting to cast a nice glow, add a dorm floor lamp to the mix. Whether you have plenty of space or practically none, there’s a lamp that can fit. Itsy spaces: Go for this corner LED floor lamp, which fits practically anywhere. Medium spaces: Try this chic blush-hued style, with a modern wire shade. Bigger rooms: Create a moment in your space with this dramatic arching design.

Table Lamps

Even if you already have your desk set up with a task light, you may want to consider a table lamp for adding light on your dresser, night stand, or side table. Table lights are the most versatile dorm lamps, and can be moved around to multiple surfaces depending on where you need to target the extra light. A few favorite designs? Lamps like this globe one, this sweet rounded shade style, and this chic deco design add major drip to your dorm without taking up precious space.

Wall Lighting

When you feel like you have absolutely no space left on floor or surfaces to add extra lighting (or if you just want a different look), go to the walls! There are lots of ways to add a gentle glow to your room using string lights, colorful strip lights, or neon signs (we love the custom word designs, which you can order to say anything you want!). Wall lighting won’t give you a ton of extra lighting, so it’s best to combine with other lamp formats—but it’ll definitely give your room a whole new vibe.


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