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DIY: But First, Coffee Bar

Coffee obsessed? Same, bestie. If you can't start your day until you've prepped that perfect cup of coffee, this easy DIY project is made for you. 

Setting up your very own coffee bar station may sound like the ultimate luxe move, and unrealistic unless you live in a sprawling apartment. But even if you live in a teensy space, you can still go big on coffee bar or coffee station ideas. After all, the just-right coffee bar setup can make all the difference when cranking out that 15-page paper or gearing up for a super productive day. We have all the coffee bar ideas for small spaces right here, along with tips for answering your top questions like “How do I organize my coffee bar?” and “What should my coffee bar have?” Keep reading to get all the genius solutions for creating your very own coffee bar, no matter how much space you have available. Just follow these simple steps to ensure your morning coffee looks as great as it tastes.

DIY Coffee Bar for Dorm Room from Dormify

Set Up the Foundation

Getting the coffee bar essentials right is easy when the base is set up perfectly. Create an organized and stylish system by using a storage unit that is compact and designed with drawers to hide any necessities or supplies (such as extra sugar packets or cleaning supplies). The petite size means you can squeeze it into any unused nook of your room or at the foot of your bed. Once you’ve found the right space, place your coffee maker on top and get ready to accessorize!

Add The Fixings

Your setup won’t be complete without all the coffee bar accessories. Figure out what you need to have handy for your favorite morning drink, whether it's a sprinkle of raw sugar, a pump of flavored syrup, or a cozy tea option. Try incorporating storage organizers with multiple compartments to stash your sugars and tea packets neatly. Clear acrylic makeup organizers or desk storage sets work well for corralling small coffee essentials, too. 

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for College Dorm

Hang the Essentials

If you’re short on space for storing bulkier items like mugs, try hanging them! Install a hook rack on the wall—bonus points if it has a shelf for extra storage—then choose your favorite decorate mugs to display. Alternate option: Mount individual hooks, measuring your spacing to make sure you have enough room for the mugs. 

Decorate With Personality

Our favorite part: Turn your coffee bar into a space that reflects your personality with some cute decor! Explore wall accents like signs, decorative mirrors, and art prints to bring life to your setup. 

Now you’re ready to fuel your day! When your coffee bar looks this good, we can’t blame you for wanting to jump out of bed to make your cup.

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