Create a Vanity to Glam Up Your Morning Routine
Dormify Team

Create a Vanity to Glam Up Your Morning Routine

Trying to get out the door on time in the morning can be stressful, especially in a small space. But it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re wondering what you should put on your vanity or how you can make your vanity look aesthetic, we’ll show you how to decorate your makeup vanity to perfection so your morning routine has its own special place. Gather your makeup, skincare, perfumes, and fav accessories, and follow these simple steps to create a vanity desk space dedicated to stress-free mornings and feeling like That Girl.

Create a Multi-Functional Space

When you live in a small space, it’s crucial to make the most out of everything you have—which means making sure each piece does double duty. When possible, invest in furniture that has more than one function. Your desk is a great example—it can be the space where you study, but it can also act as a vanity desk where you can craft that flawless look each morning. Think about what type of vibe you want in your room when deciding on the right vanity desk for you. Look for white vanity desks if you want a clean, minimalist look, or check out black vanity options for a dramatic chic vibe. Add a light-up vanity mirror design or hang an all-purpose decorate mirror above the space as another multi-use item. You can use it as a primping mirror in the morning, but mirrors also create visual interest and give the illusion of more space.

Aesthetic Vanity Setup for Dorm RoomsOrganize with Style

Vanity organizers and cute decorative trays are the key to keeping your vanity space tidy while still looking sophisticated and chic. We love the clear acrylic styles, which minimize visual clutter while corralling all of your items neatly. Another solution: Try a wall shelf or ledge to display your favorite cosmetics and accessories on the wall, without taking up valuable surface space. 

Aesthetic Vanity Setup for Dorm Room

Show Off Your Personality

So if you’re now thinking, “how should I decorate my vanity?”—here’s the thing: your vanity space should be as full of personality as you are! Choose art and decor that reflects your own personal style. Live in a rental? Don’t let that stop you! You can still hang the art prints that speak to you. Try removable adhesive hanging strips (like the ones made by Command™) to hang art without putting any holes in the wall—and ensure you’ll get that security deposit back!

Display with Purpose

When square footage is limited, look to your walls! Working vertically is the best way to make the most of your space. Decorative knobs and hooks are a great place to display accessories like hats, bags, scarfs, and jewelry in a way that feels intentional and stylish.

Now that your vanity is in top-notch shape, it's time to think about the rest of your space! Head to Dormify to get all the inspo for decorating your dorm room.