Large wall hanging tapestry from Dormify
Dormify Team

5 Ways to Style a Tapestry

Dorms and small apartments are full of boring white walls—but they don’t have to stay that way. One easy fix: A large wall hanging tapestry. But the vintage wall tapestry isn’t your only option—a modern wall tapestry can be cool and on-trend, with styles that include bold lettering and woven boho styles. Or you can choose wall tapestry for guys that's a bit more subtle or edgy.

But first, a tip for the big question: How do you hang a tapestry so it looks nice in your space? Using an adhesive wall hook or clip is the go-to solution when you can’t nail into your walls. But if you can, choose a screw in clip. Budget-friendly wooden clips look neat and will keep your tapestry secured to your wall. You can also try stretching a tapestry over a large frame for a custom piece of statement art (check thrift stores to repurpose frames on the cheap!).

Read on to learn about five more ways to style a great tapestry!

modern wall tapestry from dormify

The Classic

Wondering how to hang a tapestry in a dorm? Here’s the most classic option: Display your tapestry on the wall behind your bed. It’s the easiest way to cover up all that white space with a lot of impact. 

Window Blinds

Too much light interrupting your beauty sleep? We’ve been there. Tapestry wall hangings for bedrooms are the magic answer. Tack your favorite tapestry up over the window and, boom, done.

pastel boho wall hanging for bedroom

Picnic Table or Beach Towel

Never underestimate the versatility of a good picnic blanket. College means quads, greens, and music festivals–and scratchy, wet grass is about as fun as a 9 a.m. Your fave tapestry can pull double duty as a super cute blanket whenever you need one.

Cover the Bed

Raise your hand if DIY just isn’t in your DNA. For the less crafty among us, here’s a no-effort option for tapestry nirvana: Just lay a tapestry over your existing bedspread to lend new life to your room.

wall tapestry inspiration from Dormify

Create a Headboard

Facts: Your college issued bed most definitely will not have a cute headboard (or even a headboard at all). Fake it ’til you make it by hanging a tapestry behind your bed to get a similar effect … or better.

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