5 Tips to Turn Your Vanity Into a Glam Station
Dormify Team

5 Tips to Turn Your Vanity Into a Glam Station

Spend all your time watching makeup tutorials on TikTok? Yeah, us too. And while you may not have the Sephora-sized collection of lippies and palettes as your fave beauty influencer, there’s no reason you can’t have a makeup vanity that rivals any of theirs. It’s just all in the vanity decor. That’s where we come in—we’ll give you all the tips to create the ultimate glam station, from countertop makeup organizers to the best makeup vanity accessories.

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Create a Glam Nook

If you have the extra space in your room to allot for a separate vanity piece, add a small table (like this glass-top makeup table design) where you can stash all the glam necessities. A few suggestions to take your makeup station to the next level: A cute pink case where you can display your beauty array, or a magnifying mirror to perfect your look.

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Lights, Camera, Action

If you’re planning to film GRWM content, proper lighting is non-negotiable. Outfit your makeup area with lighted vanity mirror, get a portable storage case that unfolds with a built-in mirror and lighting, or use a space-saving combination ring light + phone stand to make filming content super easy. 

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Organize Everything

Once you’ve figured out where to put your new beauty haven, the next important step is to organize your makeup vanity. And that’s where makeup organizers come into play. Having containers that can help corral and keep your space neat and tidy is key for creating a fab look, whether on-camera or just before class. A few faves: This clear acrylic container with plenty of slots to stash makeup tubes, palettes, brushes and more. This stacked container can be used as a catchall for jewelry, but we like it as a rotating makeup organizer. Or try this version, which acts as a storage container but also features a handle for using as a portable caddy.

Get Stocked

If you’re thinking, what should I put on my makeup vanity?—we have ideas! Upgrade your supplies and tools to fun and effective items. We love this petite hot pink blow dryer (store it on this holster-style hook to keep it out of the way!) Treat yourself to some aesthetic products like these planet-friendly Sk*p body goodies, which come packaged in brightly hued recyclable cartons. Another genius solution: This silicone hot tool holder, which keeps your curling iron or straightener safely off the furniture and doubles as an accessory catchall.

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Glam It Up

Now that all the basics are covered, you might be left thinking: How can I make my vanity cute? Adding the right decor can take your vanity from function to fabulous, quick. Accessorize your space with small decor items like a cute tray to catch any remaining necessities, and add a candle that matches the vibe check. Next, finish the space by decorating the wall space around your makeup station with beauty-themed art. These prints understood the assignment: Framed lash art print, this sassy lips print (or this more colorful one!), or this chic perfume bottle design.

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