Stylish Dorm Desk Setup from Dormify
Dormify Team

3 Desks to Inspire Your Most Productive Year Yet

When you’re setting out to boost productivity, having a workspace that supports your good habits is key. Don’t just google “How can I make my desk look better” or “How should I set my desk for productivity?” Instead, follow our guide to creating the best desk setup for productivity. We have all the desk setup inspiration right here—no matter your aesthetic.

Danish Pastel Aesthetic Desk Idea from Dormify

Pastel Perfection

If your desk inspiration is all about the color palette, consider the soothing combination of soft pastels and white. The best desk setup for students is the one that makes them feel super calm and centered to help prompt a flow state—chill colors like soft pink, tranquil blue, and a bright-but-calming green help boost those calm vibes. Choose a simple white desk that will let your palette pop, then add your pastel accessories, wavy accents and a few retro pieces to make this look pop. Use a funky tray to corral the studying necessities, and lay a pastel purple faux fur rug that’ll keep your feet cozy while you put in the long hours.


Organic Boho Desk Idea from Dormify

Organic Minimalism

One of our favorite study desk setup ideas is centered around a warm, relaxing take on usually stark minimalism. The geometric forms, clean lines, and simple natural materials are key for this look. Try an uncluttered, modern desk design in a warm wood finish, topped with accessories in neutral tones like cream or white. A dose of texture adds interest to your space, so include a faux fur chair or boucle knit desk chair in a soft ivory hues. Sculptural or organic shapes (like this sculptural lamp or this wavy mirror) give the tidy look of minimalism some subtle focus and creatives an effortlessly productive setup for your space.


That Girl Aesthetic Inspired Desk from Dormify

That Girl

You wanna be That Girl… but also That Girl who’s crushing it in her classes. This college desk setup goes big on girly, with feminine accents in soft textures. To get the look, choose this classic white campaign-style desk, which suits the small space while bringing in a touch of gold in the drawer pulls. Add a white and gold desk lamp, which is conveniently set up with a built-in charger to keep the juice flowing to your tunes while you work. Accent the look with a textured desk chair and add some simple, modern artwork to keep your vibe going.