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10 Things to Know Before Sorority Recruitment

So it’s almost time to head to school, and you’re facing down two-plus weeks of the sorority recruitment process. You might have ALL the questions: How does sorority recruitment work? What happens during sorority recruitment? What should you NOT do during sorority recruitment?

It’s totally normal to not know what to expect (and trust, watching all four seasons of Greek doesn’t really help.) But we’re here to help. Keep reading to get sorority recruitment tips on the big sorority rush week.

1. Check out the sororities before you go into recruitment!

There are definitely sororities that you do not know about. Going to your school’s Panhellenic Association website and looking at all of your different options is a great idea. Each sorority has social media accounts that might give you a better sense of the answers to questions like “What do sororities look for during recruitment?” This usually can help a potential new member understand the personalities of the girls in the sorority. Another great way of checking out the sororities is to watch the recruitment video, if they have one. It can be a quick way to see what the girls are like and how they interact together.''

2. Keep an open mind.

You might know girls in different sororities at your school. This can make things extremely difficult, or really easy. When you go into recruitment, it’s important not to judge any sorority by who you know or what you think you know—because you do not know. Make sure that you give each chapter a chance because there is a good chance that you’ll be surprised by what you find out during recruitment.

3. You will get cut from houses. 

Don’t cry. Don’t think you did something wrong. It’s just the way recruitment works. Just as you cut down sororities, they do the same for you—this process goes both ways. Try your best to not to take it personally, sis.

4. Don’t obsess over outfits.

Sorority recruitment outfits are seriously no big deal. If you’re given a PHA shirt that each girl has to wear, there is even less reason to stress. Don’t waste your time and money on tons of clothes. Here are the facts: A sorority sister might see between 100 to 400 girls each day, and they’re not going to remember what you were wearing. Just choose a classic style and show your personality through accessories. 

5. You aren't the only nervous one.

The truth is, being on the other side of the conversation is just as scary. Don’t forget that each girl has gone through the exact same thing as you! This should be comforting. And everyone involved wants the conversation to go well.

6. Don’t talk badly about any chapter.

This should go without saying, but just to be clear—do not speak about any other sorority during recruitment to another sorority. Some schools have Rho Gammas, who lead a number of girls to their houses. These Rho Gammas are members of sororities and do listen to what is being said. Bad-mouthing a sorority is one of the worst things you can do. This goes for sisters in a sorority, too. If a sorority is talking about another chapter, it is important not to say anything that could be repeated and put you in a bad situation. As much as each chapter would love to have you, word travels fast during recruitment. 

7. Carry a bag with you.

If you’re supposed to wear heels during rounds, you might stash them in a tote and wear something more comfy to get around. Bring a jacket if it's chilly and tuck it in the bag when you get to the house. At most schools, they’ll give you a place to store the bag so you're not carrying it around during recruitment. Make sure you have a water bottle or two and a few snacks. Most schools also give you a break slot where you can eat and relax, especially when you have more than 10 sororities to visit a day!

8. No cell phones means no cell phones.

It may sound ridiculous, but pulling out a cell phone could be one of the worst things you could do during recruitment. Using it on the walk to a chapter or during a break is fine, but once you get to a house, there are usually a few women waiting at the door. Walking past them while texting is rude—and each second matters!

9. It’s one of the longest weeks of your life.

The wait between weekends to find out what sororities you have left to visit feels 100 times longer than the average week. Recruitment will be the only subject of conversation and you’ll be asking your friends about their experiences over and over until the next round finally comes five days later! 

10. Bid day is the most exciting day of the year.

Opening your bid might be the happiest day of your freshman year—or it might be a surprise, if you don’t get your first choice. And if it isn’t? Give whatever is written on your card a try. You will likely find it was worth every nerve!

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