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Aja Darden

Room Decor: What is the Cottagecore Aesthetic?

Thinking about creating your own cozy-meets-whimsical cottagecore room? If so, you're in the right place! Let's take a look at some of the best room decor ideas and styling tips and explore how to get a cottagecore aesthetic.

What is the cottagecore aesthetic?

The trending aesthetic known as "cottagecore" was inspired by an idealized version of western farm life. Its core principles are simplicity and harmony, with a sprinkling of nature. Since it started popping up on Pinterest back in 2018, cottagecore has become one of the trendiest aesthetics and has basically saturated social feeds everywhere with idyllic, perfectly pastoral room setups.

blue floral cottagecore room decor from Dormify

How to master cottagecore style

Rule #1: Start with your main color. 

Now, before you start designing up a storm, you'll first need to pick a base color—think of it as the foundation of your room's color palette. Whether you go with a bunch of coordinating colors or keep it simple with just one or two hues, the main thing to keep in mind is that you should always have one foundation color to pull the room together. Some colors that pair nicely with the cottagecore aesthetic include muted, earthy tones like beige, brown, yellow and pale green. If you're not ready to commit to a color, you can also start with classic white.

Rule #2: Coziness is key.

Whether you live in a dorm or an apartment, you want to feel comfortable and at home in your space. Some ways to bump up the cozy vibes in your cottagecore room: soft rugs and throws, plush textures, warm lighting and inviting, soothing colors. 

cottagecore dorm room from Dormify

Rule #3: Get back to nature.

Remember: Keeping things simple doesn't have to be boring. The cottagecore aesthetic is deeply influenced by nature and an idealized view of rural life—think quaint farms in the English countryside. So, as you're shopping for accent pieces to complete your room, choose items that add a vintage feel or a bit of natural ambience. We like dried flowers or touches of rustic wood for the natural element, and your local thrift store is a great place to scour for vintage books, ceramics, decorative accents or small furniture pieces to give that throwback vibe you're looking for.

One caveat: If you go overboard and add too many details for the cottagecore aesthetic, your room might end up looking like grandma's house in a Hallmark movie (and not in a good way).

Rule #4: Don't forget about the walls.

You can also use florals on the walls in your room, as well! There are a couple ways to achieve a delicate cottagecore look on your walls, even if you're not able to paint or apply permanent wallpaper in your apartment or dorm. Our go-to method? Removable cottagecore wallpaper, which is easy to apply and peels off without damaging your walls. If wallpaper's not your thing, you might try hanging a collection of posters with a botanical theme.

cottagecore wallpaper in a dorm room from Dormify

Rule #5: Style your bed.

Your bed is the centerpiece when it comes to creating a homey aesthetic in your cottagecore room. For bedding patterns, you might want to try a botanical or floral pattern, or a sweet gingham or plaid. If you want a bit more versatility, a solid-color duvet or comforter—especially in a pretty pastel or a soft neutral hue—are perfect for styling a cottagecore bedding look. To top off the look, add some plush neutral or pastel pillows (and maybe a vintage teddy bear to snuggle up with).

Budget-friendly tips for the cottagecore look

Here are some inexpensive ways to put together your ideal cottagecore bedroom. First, bring on the blankets! There's no such thing as too many throws when you're trying to design a cozy, inviting room. Next, add lots of pillows. What could be cozier than a big stack of plush pillows? Never be scared to add too many soft layers, or to mix and match. When it comes to achieving a comfy look, more is more.

cottagecore aesthetic room with string lights

Need some cottagecore room inspo?

Obv, Pinterest is the OG source of inspo for the cottagecore aesthetic. But movies and TV shows can be a place to get ideas, too—start with Cinderella, Tangled, Little Women, and The Secret Garden. Anything that inspires daydreaming and makes you wish you could live amid the scenery can fuel your cottagecore room ideas!

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