Dorm Room Hacks: Under-the-Bed Storage Solutions
Dormify Team

Dorm Room Hacks: Under-the-Bed Storage Solutions

Let’s be real: Dorm rooms do not tend to offer plentiful storage. Which means you’ll need to get creative if you have your fair share of clothing, accessories, and personal items. And stuffing even more into your already overflowing closet is not it. Instead, invest in under bed storage bins. In a dorm, under bed storage is GOAT for maxing your space. We have lots of ideas for how to put this unused area to peak benefit. Read on for all the ideas.

Rise Up

The existing under-bed storage option is great, yes, but what if you had even more space to work with? Create an extra 6 inches of storage space just by propping your bed up on risers. (Bonus: These risers include USB and plug outlets built right in for max convenience.) Hide the storage boxes and risers with an extra-long bedskirt

under the bed storage solutions from Dormify

Slide It

If you’re thinking, how can I hide my storage bins under my bed? It’s certainly easiest if you have under bed storage bins with wheels. Fill ‘em up, then slide ‘em away. A zippered container is great for storing out-of-season clothing, coats, or shoes—or really, anything that fits!

Maybe even better for a girlie whose shoe collection is busting out of the closet is under bed shoe storage. Our pick: This wheeled shoe rack, which will keep your shoes in tip-top shape while also hiding them out of sight. 

storage bins for under the bed from Dormify

Drawer Goals

If you choose low profile under bed storage instead of propping your bed up high, you might want to go for a style that looks just like furniture. This wood drawer has easy rolling wheels and also looks like a drawer—perfect for stashing extra folded clothes like denim or sweaters—and you don’t have to hide it behind a bed skirt.

stylish under bed storage from Dormify

Box It Up

There are lots of options when your bed is lifted up on on risers or blocks. With storage cubes and boxes, you can create a neat storage look by combining several together. Collapsible cubes also store flat when you aren’t using them—or for moving out. We love the look of this classic storage trunk, which works equally well in a closet or out in the open once dorm life is over.

storage for under bed from Dormify

Looking for more under-bed storage options? Check out our complete collection of boxes, cubes, and more. Then head to TikTok and Instagram for tons more inspo for dorm life.