Dorm Room Hacks: How Multi-Purpose Furniture Adds to Your Small Space
Dormify Team

Dorm Room Hacks: How Multi-Purpose Furniture Adds to Your Small Space

There’s no way around it—dorm rooms are small. And when you have a teeny space, multi-functional furniture is essential. What is multi purpose furniture, you ask? Well, multi-purpose furniture is exactly what it sounds like: pieces that can do double duty in a space, such as a coffee table that includes hidden storage, or a chair that expands into a futon or bed. These pieces are crucial to making a tiny room as useful as possible, and there are lots of ways to make your furniture work. Keep reading to learn about multi-purpose furniture for small spaces.

Storage bench from Dormify

Secret Storage

Small space + lack of adequate closets = desperate need for extra storage options. The best bet? Make one of your other furniture pieces pull its weight by supplying storage, too. Add a multi-functional piece that combines hidden compartments for stashing… well, anything. You can create extra seating with an ottoman or bench that opens to include an interior storage area. This pair of ottomans offer bonus storage, plus they nest together to take up less room if you only want one out at a time. This extra-useful piece is a triple threat, acting as a chair, collapsing into an ottoman, folding into a storage cube, and collapsing flat for easy storing when not in use. If you’re not interested in creating extra seating, try a side table with extra storage space.

Storage Ottoman Chair from Dormify

Sleep On It

There’s a good chance you might have a friend from home come to visit for the weekend, or a friend from a different dorm might want to crash for the night. If so, a piece that turns into a makeshift bed is key. This accent chair keeps your besties off the floor by converting into a twin sleeper bed.

Under the Surface

You probably don’t have room for much in the way of table-like furniture in your dorm, so make those flat surfaces pull their weight. This nightstand can hold your phone, lamp, and other bedtime necessities while creating extra storage. For even more storage, use a rolling storage cart as your bedside table. A desk takes up plenty of valuable floor space, so figuring out multiple uses for your desk is a smart move. This one can act as a vanity when the mirror top is flipped up, or it can be a workspace when the top is down. 

Storage ideas for small dorm rooms from Dormify

Charge It

Multi-functional furniture doesn’t just mean having one piece cosplay as another. You can also choose to max out the utility of the pieces you already have in your space. One great way to do that? Choose furniture with built-in charging stations, because you may not have enough outlets (or have them in the right spots in your space). Instead of running cables and extension cords all over your room, choose a furniture piece that you can plug right into.


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