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5 Minute Makeover: Boho Room Edition

Whether it’s boho wall baskets, macrame boho wall decor or boho wall tapestry, we can’t help but love the layered look of the free-spirited boho style. But when you’re short on space, you have to make sure your decor is working double-time. One idea: Creating a styled accessory display that stashes your fashion necessities while giving boho perfection.

Rather than hide those gorgeous accessories behind your closet doors, make them part of the boho wall decor for your bedroom! We’ll show you how to incorporate your favorite accessories into a boho wall accent—even when you aren’t wearing them.

boho aesthetic bedroom idea from Dormify

Create a Display

If you’re a girlie with lots of sunnies or jewelry (we can relate!) then an accessory rack is a must-have for your wall to get your essentials looking neat and tidy. Picture ledges are another easy way to create a designated space for your collection. We like a ledge that matches the color of the wall to let the accessories take center stage. 

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Organize + Accessorize

Small clear adhesive hooks are the perfect tool to showcase your favorite accessories like hats and scarves on bare walls. Every boho girl has more than her share of hats, right?! After your hooks are all perfectly in place, add a hook rack to hang your necklaces—think of it like jewelry for your walls! 

If you need even more hanging space, install decorative knobs on the side of your dresser. Look for stick-on knobs (you can find them easily online) that won’t damage your furniture. Place just one or even a few in a row for more hanging options. These knobs are perfect for hanging light bags or scarves.

boho inspired makeup vanity table

Set Your Vanity

Once you’ve hung all your accessories, it’s time to pair your pretty wall decor with an equally styled dresser top. Use a cool tray or catchall to display all your favorite beauty products in an elegant way (while also keeping them accessible for daily use). 

Elevate your vanity space with a curation of cute decor pieces—add a jewelry organizer, a small vanity mirror, and something decorative like a trendy vase, a cool candle, or small potted plant. This will help tie everything together.

Take a minute to make sure everything is perfectly in place—and you now have a brand-new bohemian styled space! 

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