Creative Ways to Use Removable Wallpaper
Holly Thomas

Creative Ways to Use Removable Wallpaper

So you've covered a wall with removable peel-and-stick wallpaper, only to find that you've got just enough left over to do something with ... but what? If you're stuck on ideas for how to use up that dorm- and apartment-friendly wallpaper, don't worry— we've got plenty of creative and fun ways that'll make the most of your investment. Let's get DIYing, shall we?

peel and stick wallpaper for dorm and apartment

How to Use Leftover Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Dress Up Your Desk Accessories ...

One way to get the most out of your removable wallpaper is to use it to spruce up some desk accessories. Take an old pencil holder, for example. Simply cut a few pieces of the wallpaper to fit, then stick them on the outside of the holder. You can also use any remaining wallpaper scraps to decorate a notebook or journal to complete the coordinated "boss babe" look.

... Or Refresh Your Desk Surface

Another great way to make use of removable wallpaper scraps is to give your desk or workspace a mini facelift. Cut a piece of your wallpaper to fit the size and shape of your desktop, then peel away the backing and stick it on top. This will instantly add some pattern, color, and personality to your space!

Create Affordable Wall Art

Save some dough by reusing your extra peel-and-stick wallpaper to make wall art. Cut out shapes from the leftovers to fit any empty frames you have on hand (or can pick up on the cheap) and arrange them in whatever pattern you’d like. Hang them up using Command strips for a fun gallery wall vibe.

Roller Rabbit x Dormify removable wallpaper

Cover Your Door

If you have enough dorm-friendly wallpaper scraps, you can cover the interior side of your dorm room door. Make sure to measure out the exact size of your door before starting, then cut pieces to fit. Once they’re all cut out and ready to go, start sticking them onto the door, and in no time you'll have a finished product that adds pattern and color to your space.

Use Leftover Wallpaper to Line Dresser Drawers

If you have smaller scraps of wallpaper leftover, you can use them to line the desk and dresser drawers in your room—especially helpful if your dorm room furniture has been heavily used by other students for a few years! Simply measure out and cut pieces to fit into each drawer, then peel away the backing and stick them on. This will give that standard-issue furniture a cool custom look (and won't impact getting your security deposit back!).

Make a Backsplash

If your dorm room or campus apartment has a kitchen, you can use up all that leftover apartment-friendly wallpaper by creating a backsplash. Cut the wallpaper into small squares (or one big section, if you have enough) and stick onto the wall. The removable quality of peel-and-stick wallpaper makes this project easy to do and even easier to change if you decide you want to switch up the look of your space.

Freshen Up Your Closet Space

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is perfect for revamping any closet space. Whether you have a walk-in closet or a standard version, you can use your leftover wallpaper to give it a fresh new look. Start by sticking the paper onto the back wall of the closet, then determine if you have enough to cover the sides.

Decorate a Bookcase

Make your bookshelves stand out by applying removable wallpaper to the backing. Or cover each shelf for a total transformation!

Spice Up Your Furniture

If you have bigger pieces of leftover wallpaper, why not take advantage and add some flair to your furniture? You could cover the surface of a coffee table with one large piece of peel-and-stick paper, or cut multiple strips and wrap a nightstand or dresser. You can even makeover smaller items like lamps, vases and simple picture frames for an added pop of color!

dorm bedroom featuring removable peel and stick wallpaper from Dormify

Make Your Own Headboard

Buy a sheet of foam core or lightweight MDF from the local hardware store or big-box retailer and cover it with leftover removable wallpaper for thrifty take on a custom headboard. Use Command strips to attach it to the wall behind your bed and keep those damage-free vibes going. 

Cover Your Laptop

Another crafty idea: Give your laptop a makeover using some of your leftover wallpaper. Stick the paper on the top of your laptop lid and you’ll have a unique look in no time! Pro tip: A craft knife (like an X-Acto knife) comes in handy for these types of projects. Plus, since it’s removable wallpaper, you can change it up whenever you want.

DIY a Serving Tray

Customize a serving tray—an easy score at your local thrift store or discount retailer—by lining the bottom with wallpaper. Use it to organize trinkets on your desk, keep TV remotes handy on a coffee table, or keep beauty products looking tidy on your vanity.

There are so many fun ways to repurpose leftover peel-and-stick wallpaper! Whether it’s adding patterned accents to furniture or creating wall art with bold shapes and colors, this crafty material can be used for just about anything—all without breaking the bank or damaging your walls!