Sorority Sisters Necklace - Big

Sorority Sisters Necklace - Big

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Big-Little Love. Share something more than just your sorority with your Big or Little. Two delicate charms hang from a 16” silver expandable ball chain, one hand stamped with your sorority name, the other with either “Big” or “Little.” Personalize your necklace by choosing either to mix or match with silver or gold. Whatever you choose, you and your sorority sis will be the most fashionable Big-Little pair on campus.

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Care: All jewelry naturally tarnishes when exposed to air and other elements. Other factors such as skin type, lotions, exposure to other tarnished jewelry, etc. can also aid in the process. To prevent and/or remove any tarnish, use any jewelry cleaning cloth t

  • DFY by Dormify, designs by Carmen LeFleur
  • The coolest gift to get your Big or your Little because it is meaningful and the style is long lasting.
  • Will mix perfectly with your existing jewelry.
  • Expandable chain is so clutch! Especially with varying necklines.
  • Comes in the perfect tin box – makes it easy to give as a gift.
  • Stamped by hand - not a machine.