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"Sucks to Suck" - Roommate Sucks Kit

"Sucks to Suck" - Roommate Sucks Kit

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Sucks to suck. So your friend decided to be brave and go with a “random roommate.” However, she is not brave enough to empty the trash after her roommate threw out the mystery meat she just ate while lying in bed! The essentials included in this kit will surely be essential in helping create a better environment in her already too-close-for-comfort abode.


 Kit Includes:

  • A set of ear plugs. Plug in and tune out.
  • Bitch Citation Pad. Works better than a slap. Now that “bitch” is an affectionate term (mostly), you can tell the bitches in your life exactly what kind of bitch they are. Whether they’re your bitch or just a certain kind of bitch, don’t they deserve to know?
  • Poo-Pourri bathroom freshner. 20 oz.
  • You Suck This Much magnet.