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Rock and Roll Pillow Case Set

Rock and Roll Pillow Case Set

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I love Rock N’ Roll. No dimes or jukebox required to show your love for Rock N’ Roll with this awesome pillowcase set. Dad approved, this set is the perfect way to pay homage to the movement that brought us ripped jeans, studs, ankle boots, metallic pants, and graphic tees (oh ya, and the music…). So instead of cutting your hair into a Mohawk, we say pick up the Rock and Roll Pillow Case Set for an equally cool look that’s a little less controversial…

  • 100% cotton
  • Standard size pillow case set
  • 2 pieces

Care: Machine Washable
Size/Dimensions: Standard Pillow Case

-       Two is always better than one! And when it comes to pillows, this rule is even more applicable

-       What’s rock without roll?