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Laundry Hamper Single
Laundry Hamper Single

Laundry Hamper Single

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Don’t air your dirty laundry. Hide it in this hamper. Its flexible material allows you to shove in an extra towel or two and its velcro-sealable lid and breathable design lets you air out and hide the stank from yesterday’s gym clothes. Pair it with its matching storage bins and your bedroom or bathroom will be organized, clean, laundry-free and fabulous. The durable handle lets you drag it to and from the laundry room with ease and move it around your room when you rearrange.

Comes flat, is collapsible, and assembles with ease.

Care: Wipe down with damp cloth
Size/Dimensions: 25” x 14” x 1”

-       Our clothes deserve a nice home before a nice washing.

-       This hamper brings major style to such a necessary item.

-       The handles are clutch because we always do our laundry once it’s overflowing…