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Faux Mongolian Rectangle Scatter Rug - Grey

Faux Mongolian Rectangle Scatter Rug - Grey

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Faux sho. This multi-functional and chic rug is the perfect (and softest) addition to any small space dweller space looking to elevate design in a big way. In a blend of silvery gray tones, this rug creates a cool yet cozy ambiance. A Place it as an accent piece next to your bed or coffee table. And with a non-slip backing, this rectangle gray faux mongolian scatter rug won’t slip around.


Care: Spot clean only.
Size/Dimensions: 27” x 45”

  • An affordable way to achieve high style.
  • There are so many ways you can style this - drape over the top of a bench or chair to make a dull piece of furniture look fabulous!