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Dry Erase Board - Confetti Dots

Dry Erase Board - Confetti Dots

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Swipe Right. Write a note and then erase it easily with the swipe of a tissue. This glamorous take on a dry erase board is the perfect accessory for the outside of your dorm door or inside your room. With the included dry erase marker, leave an inspirational note for your roomie or use this as a cute workspace to solve some tricky math problems. It also doesn’t hurt that the gold confetti dots make for a glam design. Who knows? Maybe the cute boy down the hall will leave his # on it for you.

Dry-erase marker included. Eraser not include.

Size/Dimensions: 26 x 39 x 0.1 inches

  • Cute and functional decoration for your door or wall!
  • Easily repositionable if you want to change up your look.