Anchoring Cable System

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Locked and loaded. Ensure your valuables and personal items are secure with the Anchoring Cable System. This super strong braided steel cable attaches your trunk to a fixed object, like a bed frame or desk, preventing its removal without your approval. Make sure important items like your laptop and passport are safe and sound in your room while you’re away.

The Anchoring Cable System is made to specifically coordinate with our Large Trunk, XXL Trunk, Cube Trunk, and WordLock.

Made in the USA. 

Size/Dimensions: Length: 6-foot adjustable cable coated in vinyl for weather and scratch resistance. Diameter: ¼ inch braided steel cable for extra cut resistance. Adjustable locking mechanism with 4-pin cylinder. Velcro straps to hold excess cable. Removable steel eye bo

  • Even though your trunk may be secured with a strong lock, that still doesn’t prevent someone from walking away with it. Enter the Anchoring Cable System.
  • Perfectly coordinates with our WordLock