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10 Shelf Shoe Organizer

10 Shelf Shoe Organizer

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Tan Chevron
Dinah Dove Grey
India Ikat
Joni Grey
Rugby Chevron Grey

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If the shoe fits. Clean up the clutter with this totally practical shoe organizer. With 10 shelves stacked on top of each other, it makes the perfect shelving unit that easily hangs in your closet taking up minimal space. Easily attach this fun organizer to your closet rod with the included Velcro strap and you will be all set. But this doesn’t just have to be for shoes - get 2 and use the other for handbags and jewelry. Ta-da, fabu-closet!

Care: Wipe down with damp cloth
Size/Dimensions: 10 Shelves

-       Our shoes get to shine front and center rather than hidden on the floor. Carrie Bradshaw would approve.

-       We love our shoes, and now they each have a home in our closet.

-       This is cute and takes up minimal space – we’ll take 2.