How to cover up walls with removable dorm wallpaper

  • Pull an inch or two of the backing off.
  • Align to the top of the wall. Pro-Tip: It's adjustable so if you mess up, you can remove, realign + reapply.
  • Press onto the wall.
  • Get a friend to pull off the backing while you press down the paper.
  • At the bottom, use a scissor to cut a straight line.
  • Rub out any bubbles or imperfections.
  • Align the next panel and do it all over again.
  • The best part? It can be removed without damaging the wall.
  • FYI: We recommend ~2 rolls per wall!

Hang Up Command Hooks

Find the spot you want to hang up the hook. Remove the wall side adhesive and stick to the wall. Remove the blue liner and press the hook onto the strip firmly for ~30 seconds. Let it sit for an hour. Remove at the end of the year damage-free.

Command™ Clear Medium Crystal Hooks & Medium Hooks

Hang Up a Tapestry

The easiest way to cover dorm walls. Measure out and mark the wall where the Command Hooks should go. Simply loop in the tapestry and kiss boring, blank walls goodbye.

Marble and Purple Tapestry

Hang Up String Lights

Loop string lights over Command Hooks with your tapestry for added texture.

Marble Tapestry


How to Make a Gallery Wall

  • Start by laying out your prints on the floor to see how everything will look on the wall.
  • Rearrange until you find the perfect layout.
  • Try using: One 18-inch x 24-inch Print, Three 16-inch x 20-inch Prints, One Horizontal 16-inch x 20-inch Print, One 9-inch x 12-inch Print and Two wooden signs
  • Apply Command Hook Poster Strips to the back of each poster.
  • Stick 'em to the wall.
  • Pro Tip: Push them in really hard to make sure they stay.
  • Decorate, frame and design your prints with washi tape for some extra flair.
  • Add in wooden signs.
  • Admire your work.
Paralax Background

See a Gallery Wall IRL

Come visit our Style Studios in NYC, Chicago or Maryland to find your dorm style. Work with a stylist to design your room - and wall - from start to finish.

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Hang Up Jewelry

Use our Command Jewelry and Scarf Rack to get organized and decorate your wall.

Command™ Jewelry and Scarf Rack

Hang Up Banners

We like to call these baby tapestries. Layer them in with other posters, wooden signs, or on their own to cover your dorm walls.

Adventure Banner

Hang Up Wooden Signs

Add some texture to your dorm walls with a wooden sign or two and show off your personality.

Good Vibes, Badgers & Cuse Heart Wooden Signs

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