Frequently Asked Questions

How many sets of bed sheets do I need?

Whether you need twin bed sheets or full/queen bed sheets we recommend buying 2 sheet sets.

Will full sheets fit a queen bed?

We sell full/queen sized bed sheets which means that they will work on both bed sizes! On a queen they will fit snug and on a full bed they will have a looser fit.

Can you use twin xl sheets on a twin bed?

Yes! You can use the twin xl bed sheets that you purchased for your dorm on a regular sized twin bed. You may notice a looser fit on the twin sized mattress, but they will still fit on your bed and stay in place like a sheet set is meant to. All in all, feel free to reuse your twin xl dorm sheets on your twin sized bed at home!

What kind of sheets should I get?

If you have a full or queen bed purchase full/queen bed sheets. If you have a twin or twin xl bed purchase twin xl bed sheets. In terms of fabric, the best bed sheets for you will match the way you like to sleep. Our 100% cotton sheets are very breathable which is good for people who get hot when they sleep. If that’s not you then go with the jersey sheet sets. They’re quite possibly the softest sheets you will ever own.