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Wine 2 Go - The Foldable Wine Bottle


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Wine 2 Go - The Foldable Wine Bottle Wine 2 Go - The Foldable Wine Bottle
Wine 2 Go - The Foldable Wine Bottle

Wine take out. Finally there’s a lighter alternative to a glass bottle. Meet the foldable wine bottle that you can rinse and reuse as many times you like! Perfect for picnics, camping, and a day at the beach, fold it up and store when you're done so you can move on to your next adventure glass bottle free!

Material Plastic
Care Rinse with warm water and allow to dry thoroughly
Size/Dimensions 11.5” x 1” x 4.8”
Return Policy No
  • A great gift for a wine loving BFF
  • The perfect accessory to take to a music festival
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