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University Of SHEEX - Twin/Twin XL Sheet Set - Blue


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Out of stock

University Of SHEEX - Twin/Twin XL Sheet Set - Blue

Top bed on campus. Introducing the newest addition to sheet technology specifically for college dorms: University of SHEEX.

These athletic performance fabric-inspired sheets are the new “it” thing when it comes to college bedding. SHEEX specialize in breathability and temperature control just like the amazing lightweight, athletic performance fabric they are inspired by. Made with 18% spandex material, SHEEX have flexible microfibers that not only feel great, but allow the sheets to fit on your bed perfectly, even if they need to stretch over an added mattress topper. Coming with one pillow case to complete the set, the University Of Sheex Sheet Set is a must-have in order to be set for college.  


82% microfiber polyester, 18% spandex. Polyester & Spandex Athletic Performance Fabric.

Care Machine wash in cold water (no bleach, no dryer sheets, no fabric softener); tumble dry on low; do not iron.
Size/Dimensions Fitted Twin XL: 39” x 80” / Flat Twin XL: 72” x 106”/ Pillow case fits standard 26” x 30” pillows and even larger pillows because of spandex material.

-      A perfect material for guys AND girls. Feels like your work-out gear!

-     No one likes waking up in a sweat and SHEEX make it so that this doesn’t happen.

-     The spandex-feel of these sheets is unlike any normal bedding. Also allows these sheets to fit over any type of mattress even if you have a bulky mattress pad or feather topper.

-     The tiny bit of sheen makes your bed look super fresh.

-     We can finally breath easy. Pun intended.

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