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So you’re a fan of Dormify and DFY by Dormify products. Why not host a shopping party, trunk-show-style, to shop with your friends and get major perks? It’s that easy: sign up to host a Dormify or DFY by Dormify trunk show and we will hook you up with everything you need to host a fun shopping party.*

*Kudos for showcasing our awesome home and sorority products likely, but not included.

What is a trunk show?

A trunk show is a specialized sale in the form of a casual get-together with select girls that share your interests and style. It’s a really fun way to check out Dormify products in person that are exclusively available at Your guests can place orders on-site or online with free shipping (given that all orders can be sent to one address)! The sweetest part? There are great incentives for being a hostess!

What are the benefits to hosting a trunk show?

Aside from being able to see our products in person, you also get amazing rewards.

Get an initial $25 product credit

Earn an additional product credit worth 10% of your sales made at the event (excluding tax/shipping).  

And get a 15% coupon for you and your guests to use at the event.

Dormify trunk shows make for an excellent resume builder—as you plan and execute an event from start to finish (potentially for a philanthropic cause), especially if you have some impressive revenue numbers to gloat about!

How does it work?

It’s simple. First, apply to host a trunk show. After you are contacted and the scheduling is confirmed, you will receive order forms and information on the products so you can be an expert! Closer to the date of the event, you will receive a box of product samples to showcase during the event.

With Dormify trunk shows, you create you own experience. It’s up to you to choose a location, set up the show and help your friends place orders online. You are also responsible for both promoting the event and driving sales during the show. We provide you with ideas on promoting and hosting your event, as well as various sample products.

Within 72 hours following your event, we ask that you send us back the box of Dormify samples and all of the forms for the orders placed at the event.

All your work will be worth it because you get an awesome bonus for all the sales you make (plus the opportunity to host a fun shopping party)! And unlike other types of in-home shows, there's no down payments or product to purchase up front, we just ask that you return everything to us as you received it. 

How do I apply?

Email us at [email protected] to apply to become a hostess. Be sure to tell us whether you are interested in dorm bedding or sorority products. Please also include information on where you will hold the event and the number of guests you expect to attend. We will then send you more details along with a contract to complete your application. 

For larger groups, we may send more products, giveaways, and other fun stuff depending on your promotional plan! 

What if I want to raise money for my sorority or a philanthropy? 

If you are hosting a DFY by Dormify sorority trunk show, you have the option to get great rewards, in the form of gift certificate for DFY by Dormify merchandise or a cash donation to your sorority or philanthropy.

You’ll pick from either getting the following as gift credit to DFY by Dormify for yourself, a check to your sorority, or you can split it up as you wish. For sales from your trunk show at the following tier levels (before tax/handling), you’ll earn a different bonus level based on the sales goals reached below. 

We also recommend you check out our program for fundraising through the sales of Dormify gift cards as another easy (and virtual) option for your sorority or other organization. 

What if I don’t have the time or space to host a party?

That’s okay too! You can hold a virtual shopping party with us and invite friends and family from other locations to join in on the fun. We give you a code to distribute for online shopping so that we can track all the sales that come from your referrals so that you can still get rewards.

If you’re hosting a party in person, you automatically get an online code to share with friends that may not be able to attend. This way your guests have the option of shopping online in addition to at your event and we are able to attribute those extra sales to you (within your specified date range) .

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