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Temporary Wallpaper - Herringbone - Walnut


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Temporary Wallpaper - Herringbone - Walnut Temporary Wallpaper - Herringbone - Walnut
Temporary Wallpaper - Herringbone - Walnut

Temporary wallpaper, lasting style.  This self adhesive, easily removable, and repositionable  temporary wallpaper features a wood-like, geometric look. Style like this is sure to create a warm and cozy feel to your space. It’s hard to not want to cuddle up in a room that has this kind of comfort.

Our temporary wallpaper is recommended for smooth surfaces that are in good condition. Apply to any primed and painted surface such as walls, doors, interiors, tiles, or wherever your creative mind takes you. We recommend the product gets applied to satin or semi-gloss paints or finishes rather than flat or matte paints.

Alternate images with varying colors showcase the wallpaper in different light, as colors can change slightly depending on the amount of sunlight or artificial light in the room.

Please email [email protected] if you would like to order a swatch.

To determine how many rolls you need, measure the length and width of your surface area. Based on those measurements you can calculate the total square footage of your surface. From that number you can determine how many rolls you'll need.


Tempaper is a water-based vinyl-coated product. The back liner is biodegradable and the ink is environmentally safe and friendly. Vinyl is lead and phthalate free. Indirect moisture will not affect performance.

Size/Dimensions 1 roll covers 56.37 sq. ft, approx 8’ x 7’. Brick Repeat is 24"
  • Temporary wallpaper is a great way to really make your dorm room/apartment feel like home
  • The print will make any space feel more intimate and snug.
  • Great solution to empty walls, especially in college

Deer Head Decal

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Command™ Medium Hooks

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