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Sorority House Key Tag


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Sorority House Key Tag

Key to your heart. Show your sorority pride with one of these vibrant rectangular-shaped key tags. It’s the perfect gift for your Big, Little or an alumni. Put your dorm, apartment, or sorority house key on this key chain to stay organized, and when you hang up your keys at the end of the day, it will make a super cute décor piece. And if your not a sorority girl, but your apartment is practically a sorority house, this is perfect for you too!

Bulk orders take 2-3 weeks. Email [email protected] for bulk order inquiries.


100% Microsurfaced Impact Acrylic. Wood grain and metal finishes are simulated and will vary slightly with each tag. In all cases, the edges and back of each tag are the same color as the engraved lettering.

Size/Dimensions 2" x 0.75"

-       A sorority item that you will have and love forever.

-       You’ll keep better tabs on your dorm, apt or sorority house key!

-       The coolest way to show your sorority pride.

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