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Kappa Kappa Gamma Sisters Forever Key Necklace


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Kappa Kappa Gamma Sisters Forever Key Necklace Kappa Kappa Gamma Sisters Forever Key Necklace
Kappa Kappa Gamma Sisters Forever Key Necklace

The key to easy gift giving? This necklace! Seriously, the Sisters Forever Key Necklace is the perfect gift for Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters. Perfect for rush, recruitment, and for big/little gifts, this understated but stylish accessory can be matched with any outfit for an instantly cool look. Like a personal genie in a bottle, make a wish when you tie this necklace on and when the necklace wears off, your wish will come true.


16” silk thread necklace, 10mm sterling silver heart charm, sterling silver spring ring closure

Care N/A
Size/Dimensions 16 necklace

-       This necklace is definitely another reason to be krazy about Kappa

-       A wish comes true, who doesn’t love that? 

-       A fashionable and cool sorority gift for your sorority sister, finally.

-       Great for bid day gifts or big/little gifts

-       Perfect for all of your friends, even if they aren’t in a sorority

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